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Adorepet Foldable Pet Step (mesh cover)


If your pet needs a bit of help getting up to your couch or bed, there are lots of ramps and stairs that can assist. After reviewing the pros and cons of the many types of pet steps on the market, I'm sold on foam. Stepping is more comfortable on foam, and more natural to a pet than using a ramp or wooden slats. Foam is more like the furniture a pet knows and likes; it gives a little. Some foam steps are wide enough to give an older cat or dog more security while climbing.

One of the things most pet owners complain about is that their pets won't use their climbers. But owners of foam pet steps don't seem to report the same problem. Maybe you can see your dog or cat using one of the pet steps below.


Adorepet Foldable Pet Step

Adorepet Foldable Pet Step (mesh cover)


A really neat high density foam step, especially for small to medium size dogs, is the Adorepet Foldable Pet Step, above, which can be laid out flat to create one step or folded over to make two steps. If your furniture is low to the ground, one Pet Step may be enough but, most likely, you will need two Pet Steps, laying the bottom layer flat and folding the top layer over, so you have three steps. (See the pink and blue steps in the image at the top of the page.)

Now, these are short steps: each layer is a bit less than 4 inches high, so with two steps together the maximum height of the Pet Steps would be about 12 inches, if the bottom step is folded.  These steps have received high reviews from customers. They are made in China and may take a bit of time to reach you, but some customers say they arrive sooner than expected.


Adorepet Mesh Covered Foam Pet Steps


Measure your couch, bed, or pet's favorite chair to make sure these colorful Pet Steps will work for you.

The breathable mesh fabric can be removed from the pillow, as it has two zippered compartments, one for each foam step.


Adorepet Pet Step (back)

The Adorepet Pet Steps also come with polyurothane (PU) covers that look like leather, but I would be afraid of scratch marks on them.


Adorepet Pet Steps (PU)

Adorepet Foldable Pet Step (polyurethane cover)



Another foam pet stepper I really like is made by Best Pet Supplies and it is simply call the Foam Pet Steps. These are made in the US with US-made foam. The Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Steps come in three, four, and five step models, but in addition to those, the company offers a wider platform also in three, four and five step models. In addition, you can purchase the steps in any one of 11 colors and patterns.


Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Steps

Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Steps


The measurements for each size are listed in the offering here.  You can easily accommodate your pet and your decor with the many styles and sizes available. The coverings are not only decor-friendly, they are removable and machine washable, and when you tire of a cover, or move the Pet Steps to another room, you can simply order a different cover for your steps. The Foam Pet Steps also have anti-slip bottoms.


Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Steps


The Best Pet Supplies Pet Steps accommodate dogs up to 120 pounds, depending on which size you purchase.


I also like the Zinus Cozy Pet Stairs. Its steps are nice and tall and you can purchase them in any size from extra small to extra tall. The Zinus has very high ratings and I can see why.  Sturdy foam and washable covers are a big selling point, but not as much as the attention to the size of your pet vs the size and dimensions of the steps.


Zinus Cozy Pet Stairs

Zinus Cozy Pet Stairs (extra tall)


I love how deep the steps are on the Zinus Cozy Pet Stairs. See the image below.


Zinus Cozy Pet Stairs



The above three sets of foam steps are all perfect for specific size pets with specific needs for getting up next to you on your couch, bed or share. One of them will be just perfect!

Foam steps are not for outside use, like for getting into cars, where the steps would certainly collect lots of dirt - no, for indoors only, unless you have a very clean garage.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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