Exotic leopard print toilet paper lets you answer the call of the wild while answering the call of nature.

Leopard Print Toilet Paper Spotted In Your Bathroom

OK, so leopard print toilet paper may not be in the best of taste but hey – at least it's only PRINTED with the endangered big cat's trademark spots.

PETA won't be hounding you, plus you've spared a noble wild creature from a fate it does not remotely deserve.

Leopard Print Toilet Paper Spotted In Your Bathroom

But wait, there's more... according to the product page at Rakuten's online Global Store, this “cute” (their words, not ours) leopard print TP transforms any WC into the “best mood bathroom with super nice scented perfume!”

It's not mentioned what the actual scent might be but rest assured it's not just run-of-the-mill nice, it's SUPER nice. ROWR!

Leopard Print Toilet Paper Spotted In Your Bathroom

Rakuten also states that leopard print toilet paper is a “nice girls required item” so keep that in mind, young ladies. Presumably inspectors will be on the prowl, checking restrooms at homes and Ladies Room's at offices. Violators will face the long arm of the claw.

Kudos to Jonelle Patrick of Only In Japan for noting the jumbo 12-roll package of faux-fur-patterned bathroom tissue depicted above. One imagines it would make a memorable gift for an animal-loving friend with a hidden wild side.