A wild leopard in western India wandered into a hospital and made it all the way to the bathroom, sight unseen.    

Leopard Locked In Hospital Bathroom Has Really Gotta Go

When you gotta go, you gotta go... and that goes double for wandering leopards who use the wrong gender's washroom. And by “gender”, we mean “species”. Such was the case in Gandhinagar, the capital of the Indian state of Gujarat, where the State Model Institute of Ayurvedic Science (SMIAS) can be found.

The hospital may want to review their security arrangements. Gee, ya think? Consider the fact that a full-grown leopard managed to open the front door, stroll down the hallways, and visit the washroom without raising an eyebrow. That's where it was when a female staff member walked in with the intent of answering nature's call only to find “nature” itself, welcoming her with a toothy grin!

Leopard Locked In Hospital Bathroom Has Really Gotta Go

Her (e)mission thwarted by the presence of the ferocious feline, the startled staffer bolted from the bathroom but luckily had the presence of mind to bolt the door behind her. After sounding the alarm, she then made contact with the local branch of the Forest Department. The latter arrived on the scene armed with tranquilizer guns and toting a leopard-sized rolling metal cage... one might think they've dealt with similar situations before.

In a video posted at the Ahmedabad Mirror's website, a member of the Forest Department can be seen taking aim at the now thoroughly p**d off leopard with his rifle. “Dude, can't a cool cat get some privacy??” All's well that ends well as the subdued leopard was wheeled out of the hospital, neither (wo)man nor beast was injured, and the nurse probably had a spare set of undergarments in her locker.