LED Dog Collars Can Help You Find Your Pets: Glow in the dark dog collars make finding Fido easierLED Dog Collars Can Help You Find Your Pets: Glow in the dark dog collars make finding Fido easier


As hard as we try, sometimes our pets still manage to pull a Houdini on us and find a way to dodge our watchful eye. Whether it’s late at night and they’re out in the backyard barking their fool heads off at an unknown “threat” (like a raccoon or a squirrel), or on a camping trip where they’ve wandered off, or they manage to slip away from your home or property, being able to see them and where they’re at would definitely help. While the circumstances may vary, the results are pretty much the same: panic or irritation, at the very least. Now, you can get man’s best friend a glow in the dark LED collar that will help you spot him or her instantly.

LED Dog Collars

Yes, some brilliant inventor, who is almost certainly a dog owner, came out with an illuminated dog collar designed with LED lights to make it possible for pet owners to keep track of their pets more easily in low lighting situations. Several companies are selling the brightly lit collars for anyone who has ever lost track of their pets or fears to. These waterproof collars come in a variety of eye-catching colors with features that include the ability to turn them on and off, operating modes that include regular and flashing, and replaceable batteries with 60-80 hours of battery life, depending on usage. When lit, they actually look pretty cool.


Dog Safety Collars: Solid LED light dog collarDog Safety Collars: Solid LED light dog collar


Microchips for Pets

If your pet has ever wandered off, you know how upsetting and frustrating it can be. Veterinarians and animal adoption facilities highly recommended that you get your pet chipped in case of such an event. Some of them even go so far as to chip animals before they’re eligible for adoption. But microchips for tracking pets don’t work if you don’t register them and keep changes of address and phone numbers current with the service provider behind it. Another thing — as unbelievable as it is — not all county pounds or animal shelters scan dogs and cats for chips, so you really shouldn’t count on them alone.

Tracking Collars for Pets

If you want to ensure you find your pet, or at least increase the odds significantly, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan of your own like a pet tracking device to pair with an LED dog collar. This is especially true if you’ve got a dog or cat that’s an escape artist or prone to wandering off. With pet trackers and a smartphone, you can pretty much pinpoint the location of your little run away the moment you realize they’re missing. Some of the apps used in conjunction with them show you the route your pet took after pulling their disappearing act. Once you arrive on scene, you’ll be able to see them glowing from a distance. This way you’ve got all your bases covered.


Tagg GPS Plus Pet Tracker & Docking Station: Pet tracking devices can bring pets home safelyTagg GPS Plus Pet Tracker & Docking Station: Pet tracking devices can bring pets home safely


Pet Accessories

Besides the glow collars, a few different sellers and manufacturers of pet supplies sell small, waterproof beacons you can attach to a dog’s collar or life jacket, should the need arise. Like the LED dog collars, though, they need to be activated, or they won’t do you any good. That means remembering to turn them on as evening nears. You can find an assortment of the collars at Amazon. On some of them the LED lighting is solid all the way around, creating a bit of a neon effect. On others, the lights are spaced so that they more closely resemble rope lights. You just have to decide which you like better, but the solid bands look like they would provide more light — plus, you’d never mistake your dog for a stoned hippie in the bushes.

Free Offers on Pet Supplies

While most of them are seriously inexpensive, currently there’s a company called Tee Coon that is offering these LED dog collars for free — with the exception of shipping and handling, of course. This is a limited time offer, so you may want to jump on it if you’re interested in trying one out before spending the money on it. Collars range in size from extra small to extra large with this vendor, and Tee Coon recommends you measure your dog’s neck for the correct fit. You can find more information in connection to the collars themselves, sizing for them and the free offer at the company’s official website.


 LED Glowing Dog Collars Make It Easier To Spot Fido In The Dark: Rope light dog collarLED Glowing Dog Collars Make It Easier To Spot Fido In The Dark: Rope light dog collar

Whatever you decide, be proactive in your approach to keeping your footloose pet safe and it will pay off in the long run.


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