LDC, the Animal Advocate Just Happens To Be a Movie Star

At the Golden Globe Award show this year, Brad Pitt dubbed Leonardo DiCaprio with the nickname "LDC." It was a unique way for Pitt, the Golden Globe winner to show respect for his "partner in crime," who unfortunately didn't get nominated for his starring role in the same flick (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood).

Using the three-initial formulation dates back to FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt), the United States' beloved war-time president. In that instance, the use of the three-letter appellation was a tradition with the Roosevelt family. Differing somewhat in Leonardo's case, Pitt took liberties by giving DiCaprio's last name two letters versus one. This was done purposely to show that the work of this man deserved the 3-letter convention, even though he doesn't have a middle name.

It also shows that LDC's "work" goes beyond acting. It extends to his conservation endeavors  as well.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

While you might know DiCaprio from his starring roles in films such as Titanic and The Revenent, you may not be aware of his animal advocacy work.

In 1998, when the actor was just 24yrs old, he began to voice concern over our changing climate negatively affecting the Earth's biodiversity. This interest prompted the actor to  establish The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation which was “designed with the idea of protecting the last wild places of the world and saving vulnerable wildlife from extinction.”

With the foundation, he has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for projects in over 40 countries.

He has also been an active supporter of other environmental organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), where he's received major awards for his philanthropic endeavors.

$15.6 Million Donation

Most recently, it was announced he'll contribute a personal donation to these causes with a $15.6 million dollars. This money will be targeted towards conservation programs for species about to become extinct.

In recent years, DiCaprio has voiced his concern regarding little attention paid to crises affecting the killing off of entire species and ecosystems. As a result, these egregious acts are depleting habitats for people, plants, and animals, basically because they’ve become too hot or lack sufficient water to support life.

According to Faith Top, guest contributor at Relieved: "Severe weather, heat, and drought have all led to the drying up of inland water and has resulted in the creation of “climate refugees” seeking new homes."

Receiving Undo Criticism

While he’s received some negative pushback for what has been described as less-than-eco-friendly activities, he has faced these criticisms head-on.

For example, in 2016, he booked a flight to receive a conservation award and then attend another fundraising event. When confronted with harsh opinions labeling  him a hypocrite, he responded that the only way to attend both events was to hitch a ride on a plane already scheduled for both flights - not a private jet booked for a solo flight.

By putting his money where his mouth is, shows that LDC is worthy of his new nickname, as well as his charitable engagements and multi-million donations. We might ask his naysayers if they have accomplished anything comparable? Ask them if they have faced the climate change crisis with as much dedication as DiCaprio? And if not, perhaps they should reevaluate their unfounded critical assessments. Your thoughts, readers?


Primary Source: Relieved.co




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