Though I think my dog would die of heat stroke in the Snuggie For Dogs,
I feel it my duty to report on its entry into the arena of dog clothing. 
After all, you might have a hairless dog.

It was just a matter of time.  Snuggie could not rest in peace unless doggo got a matching Snuggie so she could cuddle with you in your Snuggie on the couch. The two of you should produce enough heat to light a nice blazing fire, fireplace or not.



The fleece Snuggie comes in pink and blue and four sizes to fit all but very large and lucky dogs. And if you order now, you can get two Snuggies for Dogs Blankets and two Recordable Dog Tags (your free bonus) for the price of one.  You just need to pay $14.95 plus $7.95 for each set's shipping costs.  So far, I follow the deal.

And if you can't stop yourself from buying the Snuggie for Dogs, there's another special provision: "You can select additional buy 1 get 1 free sets of 2 in other colors
& sizes after your initial selection. All buy 1 get 1 free sets are
in the same color & sizes - no substitution of colors may be used." This is only for a limited time.

Though the Snuggie for Dogs is out of season currently, you never know what the winds of change will bring. So get yours now.

Snuggie For Dogs via The Chicago Tribune

That's the buzz for today!


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