You can cancel Catxit 'cuz Larry the cat will remain the UK's official Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office in the incoming Boris Johnson-led administration.

Larry The Cat Carries On As UK's Official Chief Mouser

Not that the new UK PM holds much sway in the matter: Larry and his many predecessors have always been under the purview of the government's Cabinet Office, though an acting Prime Minister has the right to appoint the cat (or cats) of his/her choice to the position.

The prevailing standard for Chief Mousers is that once appointed, they retain their status until they either retire or pass on... sort of like wee furry U.S. Supreme Court justices. Larry has “ruled the roost” (in the words of ex-PM Theresa May) at Number 10 Downing Street since former PM David Cameron appointed him in 2011 when he – Larry, that is – was 4 years old.    

Larry The Cat Carries On As UK's Official Chief Mouser

Larry is the most recent holder of a role that dates back to the early 16th century and the court of King Henry VIII, though official records and financial accounts were only formalized in 1929. Since then, a dozen cats of various fur colors and genders have brought cheer to a host of PMs, the latter also of various hair colors and genders.

With London being a rather more sanitary city than it was centuries ago, you might think Number 10's official Chief Mousers don't have to overly exert themselves keeping the prime-ministerial premises rodent-free. No doubt Larry won't have any issues with overwork, though he may find himself summarily retired should he launch himself at BoJo's characteristic coif. (via BBC, images via Number 10)