Kitty Twister Trio


Cleaning a cat box is a messy and stinky chore, but a new Kitty Twister has just come out with an elegant solution to the mess.

The Kitty Twister Trio is a three-part cat box with two basket parts and a sifter. The sifter sits in one basket and holds the kitty litter.


Kitty Twister Trio Cat Box

Kitty Twister Trio


The second basket is then placed on top of the lower portion and they will click together after placing the back portions together first, as seen below.


Kitty Twister Trio Cat Litter Box


Now your kitty can enter a large opening - 19 x 19 inches - and do her stuff in complete privacy.

When you are ready to clean the Kitty Twister, remove the top, place it open side up and place a large paper or plastic bag inside.


Kitty Twister Trio cat litter box

Then lift the sifter by the two handles, raise it just a few inches, and then twist and shake! 


Kitty Twister Trio


When you twist the sifter, make sure it is still in the lower box so all the loose litter goes into the box and not on the floor. Shake vigorously until you're left with just your cat's waste.

Pull the handles together to form a funnel and then poor the waste into the waste bag, replace the sifter, the lid, and then your kitty is ready to do some more stuff in his clean Kitty Twister Trio.

Here are the steps:


Kitty Twister Trio Cat Litter Box

Kitty Twister Trio


Watch this video: it makes using the Kitty Twister Trio look like fun!



Although the Kitty Twister Trio looks very stylish as a one piece item, it can be used without the top lid if your cat doesn't appreciate the lid.

The Kitty Twister Trio solves the mess issue beautifully.  To solve the odor issue,  you can add 1/4 cup of baking soda to your favorite litter or use my favorite litter deodorizer, NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer.

The Kitty Twister, which has a "Duo" model (without the sifter), is designed in the round, because it is easier to scoop litter from a round pan than a cornered pan. The Duo's scooper even has a curved edge to match the curve of the litter box. You can find the Kitty Twister Duo here.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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