Raptor Shield Dog Pet Protection Vest

Raptor Shield Pet Protection Vest


It's wonderful to see falcons, hawks, and other birds of prey in flight. They are so majestic and totally dominate the skies. But go after your dog? I don't think so. Especially in spring, raptor birds are scouring for food and the way they see it anything they can dig their talons into and lift away belongs to them - whether it's another bird, a squirrel, or a terrier.

The Raptor Shield Dog Pet Protection Vest is made to protect dogs (and cats, if they will wear it), from birds of prey. It's made of protective polycarbonate, the same material used to make bullet proof vests. Beneath a harder shell is a soft ventilated layer that provides comfort for your pet as she goes about doing her own "hunting" and play.  The Vest has a handy extension at the tail to use if your pet has a long back.


Raptor Shield Dog Pet Protection Vest

Raptor Shield Dog Protection Vest


Coverage of the neck would be an important addition to the Raptor Shield Vest with a spike collar.

The Vest closures are adjustable hook and loop material both at the waist and the neck. The Raptor Shield comes in four sizes to accommodate small dogs up to 22 pounds.


Raptor Shield Pet Protection Vest

Raptor Shield Pet Protection Vest


Other birds like blue jays and mockingbirds may also come after your pets, but they tend to attack a dog or cat's head by pecking at them.  A pet helmet would work for protection, but it may not stay on.

If coyotes are an issue, you'd better go with the CoyoteVest.


The Raptor Shield Pet Protection Vest is available from In The Company Of Dogs and Amazon.com.


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