These hollow wood & synthetic leather rhinos, elephants and triceratops offer cats cozy beds at night and majestic resting platforms during the day.  

Jumbo Creature Cat Beds

Awaken the inner lion slumbering within even the meekest feline with these awesome cat bed & platform combo creatures!

Crafted with care and constructed with sturdy wood and lifelike-looking polyurethane “leather”, these jumbo “My Animo” animals aren't just a kitty ego trip, they're eminently practical as well.

Jumbo Creature Cat Beds

Choose from (in ascending size) an earth-tone rhino, an antique ivory elephant or a rainforest-green triceratops. Each creature has a hollow interior accessed via a 16.5cm (about 6.5 inches) diameter circular porthole.

The top surfaces are flattened to form a generously sized plateau for your purring pet to rest upon while they gaze out imperiously upon their subservient domain... or your living room, whatevs.

Jumbo Creature Cat Beds

The “My Animo” series of cat platform beds is designed for small to average sized pets up to 5kg (roughly 11 pounds) in weight. The triceratops stands 56cm (just under 2 feet) tall and weighs 4.3kg or 9.5 pounds.
Each platform bed features solid wood feet with felt soles, ensuring the bed won't slide around while protecting hardwood flooring. Last but not least, you don't HAVE to dress your cat like a lion after installing one of these beds... but hey, it's your cat and you'll have to endure the consequences. Please visit the (Japanese language) product page at Peppy Pets for more info.