An apparently fearless horse wasn't going to let a pack of wolves deter it from enjoying a frolic in the snowy mountains of central Italy.  

Italian Stallion Prances With Wolves

Photographer Fabrizio Giammatteo got more than he bargained for when he hiked into the mountains of near Acciano, a small town in central Italy's Abruzzo region. His intention was to film the local wolves at “work”, rest and play. It wasn't long before Giammatteo came across a pack of six wolves resting in a snowy, sunlit clearing.

What's with that oddball seventh wolf... wait a minute, that's no wolf! Though Giammatteo could barely believe his eyes, a beautiful black & white horse appeared to join the wolf pack, if only for a few moments. The wolves must have been flummoxed as well, watching the horse roll in the snow like he was on a walk in the park!  

Italian Stallion Prances With Wolves

“He boldly went to the wolves and told them a thing or two,” stated Giammatteo. “They may be predators, but that is his land and he knows his horse rights,” the photographer added.

We're not sure if “horse rights” are even a thing but the equine, dubbed “Orazio” by Giammatteo, came awfully close to committing a horse wrong, as local wolves have hunted down horses before. To paraphrase an old cliché: when you're near Rome, do as the Roman wolves do. (via UPI) 


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