It's a Dog! pet gift registry


So, you're bringing home your new bundle of joy, regardless of its age, and you need a few things to begin life together on the right foot. Do you hit the local pet supply stores or hop on Amazon and start dropping cash left and right on your new pet, or is there another way to get the things you'll really need? The answer is announcing it on It's a Dog! pet gift registry.

Pet Supplies

Let's just start by saying there is no such thing as a free pet. You may not have had to pay for it, but there are a number of things they'll require and some you'll just want in order to accommodate your new dog. There's bedding and bowls and collars and leashes and on and on and on.

Depending on what you want and its level of quality, it can add up quickly. That's why you should consider signing up for a pet gift registry.


It's a Dog! pet gift registry

It's a Dog!

Sponsored by NexGard, the flea and tick people, this unique registry site allows you, as the dog owner, to make the animal's transition into your new home easier and less expensive. All you have to do is register your dog, customize your pet gift registry and then share it with your family and friends. It's as simple as that. You can also check on other registered dogs to see what it is they need while you're there.

Pet Tips

The site is also a wonderful resource for tips on health, training, how to acclimate your new doggo to your home, parasite treatment and control, minimizing messes, along with an official blog and input from other users. It's basically a creative idea for gathering useful information while providing a service that heretofore had been reserved for brides and grooms.


It's a Dog! pet gift registry

Saving Money

It's all the little things that add up, the stuff most of us don't think about when melting over a puppy or a dog we've fallen helplessly in love with. But toys, kennels/housing, grooming products and a six-month supply of heartworm or flea and tick meds on somebody else's dime would be a welcome relief for many new pet owners.

Share & Share Alike

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, you can click on the "It's a Dog!" link above and check it out for yourself. If you do, or you know someone who has had previous experience with the service, please share your thoughts in the comment section below. We'd love to hear from you about it.