Rosie the Reindeer is frustrated when she wants to be on Santa's sleigh
team only to be told that only the boys are allowed to apply. The story
book is the tale of how she remains determined to follow her dream to
make it onto the team. It follows her struggle and triumph as she saves
Christmas for the children of the world. The fun tale is accompanied by
charming illustrations that you and your child will treasure for years
to come.

Rosie the Reindeer by Chantell TaylorRosie the Reindeer by Chantell Taylor

The story was created by Chantell Taylor after years of watching the beloved Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas special on television. Like many of us, she was frustrated by the fact that it was only the male reindeer who trained to haul Santa's sleigh. Meanwhile the girls were reduced to standing on the sidelines with the sole mission to bat their eyelashes and flirt with the boys. Granted, Clarice had the strength of character to go looking for Rudolph, but this is about the overall reindeer culture.

Rosie the Reindeer -- Inside the book (Kickstarter Image)Rosie the Reindeer -- Inside the book (Kickstarter Image)

In response to this, Taylor created Rosie, an ambitious reindeer who wanted to pull Santa's sleigh. Rosie doesn't take "boys only!" for an answer. She creates a plan to train for the team anyway and gets a bunch of her girlfriends to train with her. She trusts her inner voice that tells her to keep believing in her dream.

The fun and beautiful illustrations were created by Shawna J.C. Tenney. They are colorful and really bring the story to life on the page. You will love every picture in the book.

Rosie the Reindeer -- Inside the book (Kickstarter Image)Rosie the Reindeer -- Inside the book (Kickstarter Image)

No spoilers here! Just rest assured that when tragedy strikes and Christmas is threatened, Rosie and the other girls save the day by stepping in to haul Santa's sleigh. 

The story of strong, positive roles for girls is an enjoyable one for both girls and boys. Everyone needs to learn that girls can do anything.

Rosie the Reindeer (Facebook Image)Rosie the Reindeer (Facebook Image)

Scientists have looked at real reindeer and have concluded that Santa's reindeer would really have to be girls anyway. To read more about it, click here.

The book came into being with the help of crowd-funding on Kickstarter. I have my copy. To order a copy of your own, click here.

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