Inspired by Instagram, the popular online photo-sharing and social networking service, Nyanstagram allows users to digitally filter photos of their cats and share them with others on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking services.

The word “Nyanstagram” is a coined portmanteau that combines “Nyan”, the Japanese translation for the “meow” sound a cat makes, with Instagram: makes perfectly sensible for a photo-sharing service specializing in cats... or even Nyan-cats as the case may be.

Once downloaded from the Apple app store and installed on your particular device, Nyanstagram will ask users to log in – it's not a must, but by logging in the site's complete range of cat pictures becomes accessible. They're listed on the Nyanstagram home page alphabetically with each selection denoting a type of cat, such as American Shorthair.

Instagram + Cats = Nyanstagram!

Choose a cat pic from the displayed thumbnail pics and it'll enlarge; swipe your paw, er, finger across the screen to view subsequent pages or reverse to see previous ones. Hopefully your finger's up to the task as there are well over 2,000 photos in the American Shorthair category alone! Onscreen tabs allow users to consult Google and/or Wikipedia for more info on particular types of cats. As well, one can view the portfolios of users who post photos and “favorite” photos simply by tapping a heart-shaped symbol at the screen's upper right corner.

Most of the on-screen text is in Japanese but the intuitively formatted design and image-heavy display shouldn't pose problems for non-speakers. Simple, straightforward and fun... Nyanstagram looks to be the ideal social photo-sharing app for cat-lovers, bar nyan! (via Gigazine)