Inflatable Trump Chickens Alive & Well

2018 or 2019 could have been the Chinese 'Year of the Chicken' versus the 'Year of the Dog' or the 'Year of the Pig,' -- in honor of the two inflatable Trump chickens released during the last two years of the decade.

These inflatables were renditions of a Rooster statue first unveiled in 2016 as the mascot for a Chinese Mall. Since that time, a number of smaller versions have appeared across Asia, Europe and the United States.

Trump Chicken as Prisoner of Alcatraz

A yuge inflatable Trump chicken donning a prison uniform set sail from San Francisco Bay on a boat called the “Alcatraz Prison Transport” last July. The 33-foot blimp, which depicts US president Donald Trump, is dressed in black and white prison stripes and labelled “Prisoner 45”.

According to Bay Area KRON 4 News, the boat made its way along San Francisco's coast.

A GoFundMe page was set up to cover the expenses for the chicken’s escapades and pay for the cost of rental boats.

Demands for Trump's Tax Returns

Demands for Trump's tax returns reached a crescendo nearing April 15's tax day this past year as House Democrats investigated the president's administration and businesses. The House Ways and Means Committee requested copies of Trump's taxes from the IRS, but they did not meet the deadline for the documents.

Trump broke long-standing precedent in 2016, when he -- dissimilar to his predecessors -- refused to release his tax returns on the campaign trail. Prior to, his excuse in holding the line was based on being under an IRS audit.

The IRS has said that audits don’t prevent individuals from releasing their tax information, and the agency has maintained an internal policy to audit the sitting president.

Members of the progressive Tax March group marched in protest outside the IRS building in Washington, D.C., on tax day to demand President Trump release his tax returns.

The Tax Day protest included the giant inflatable Trump chicken. The group says it uses the figure because Trump is "too chicken" to release his tax returns.

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Inflatable Trump Chickens Alive & Well

Primary Source: The Hill