Paws Aboard PoolPup Steps
Paws Aboard PoolPup Steps


Summer’s almost over and most kids are already back in school, but there’s still several weeks of swimming season left, especially in warmer states. It’s in these states, where pools are seldom, if ever, drained for the winter, that pet owners need to be extra vigilant about pets falling into the water. If you’ve got pets, especially smaller pets or older ones, you really should consider installing a pool ramp — particularly if your swimming pool does not have graduated landings or steps.

Swimming Pool Ramps for Pets

Many swimming pools only have built-in ladder-type footholds up the side from which to alight. These are okay for humans, but dogs and other animals can’t use them, even if they knew what they were. There are several products on the market, designed specifically with pets in mind, that can make exiting a pool easier for them, plus they might just save their lives. If you don’t have a pool gate and your pets are outside most of the day, check out the Skamper Ramp or Paws Aboard’s PoolPup Steps. They’re both easily installed and affordable.


froglog escape ramp
The FrogLog wildlife escape ramp

Swimming Pools & Wildlife

Another problem for pool owners — whether built-in or above ground — is the issue of wildlife finding their way into the water and not being able to escape. If you’re tired of fishing them out and/or it saddens your heart that it had to happen in the first place, the super cool FrogLog can do away with the nuisance and sadness once and for all. Designed by a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employee, it’s a clever escape ramp than can be attached to the edge of your pool via a small weight connected to the base of the island or floating dock by way of a small mesh bridge.

Pool Devices for Dogs

There are other ramps and step devices to help stranded pets escape pools and spas that are a bit pricier than the ones mentioned above, but you can’t put a price tag on love. For leisure flotation devices made with dogs in mind, there’s also the Paws Aboard Doggy Dog Pool Float Lazy Water Raft that is puncture resistant. Paws Aboard is a leader in water-based safety products for pets like life jackets. If you and your family enjoy water sports, keep your pets safe from the dangers they can present with the proper equipment year round.