Even if you don't have a dog, you should get one of these liners! Look at how well it fits, how protective it is, how upscale! The 4Knines® Waterproof Cargo Liner For Dogs is also very highly rated by customers because it is all that!


4Knines Waterproof Cargo Liner For Dogs

4Knines Waterproof Cargo Liner For Dogs ©


Do you see how well this patented cargo liner fits the SUV above?  Notice it covers the floor, the inside of the back doors, and the back side of the seats. See how the panel can be zipped opened for the arm rest/pass through? There are three more positions your Cargo Liner can take and they will look like the liner was made just for that position!


4Knines Waterproof Cargo Liner For Dogs

4Knines Waterproof Cargo Liner For Dogs©


You will have to take good measurements so that you get the proper fit! The Cargo Liner comes in three sizes (S, L, XL); if you measure the area you want to cover, you will get the size closest to that. Also important is that before you know the right size for your car, you need to decide the area you want to cover in your cargo: up to the front seats, or just up to the back seats.

Here you will find diagrams for measuring small, large, and extra large sizes. Small and large sizes may attach only to the back seats, depending on the size of your cargo area. If you want the liner to fit on the back of the front seats, the manufacturer suggests you order the extra large cargo cover.

From the manufacturer: "Please consider how you plan to use your cargo liner (attached to front headrests or back headrests) and measure that area to ensure a perfect fit. All dimensions include side flaps and 20-inch bumper flap. Small: 42" x 78" (fits most small/compact SUVs); Large: 52" x 82" (most popular - fits most standard SUVs); XL: 55" x 106" (fits oversized SUVs or standard SUVs when attached to front headrests)"

More information is included in this video about the design and fit of the 4Knines Waterproof Cargo Liner For Dogs©:



I love how the liner bends upward on the side panels to protect them from getting scuffed! 4Knines really thought of everything!

Now, take a look at the materials used to made the 4Knines Pet Cargo Liner....


4Knines Waterproof Cargo Liner For Dogs©

4Knines Waterproof Cargo Liner For Dogs©


It's waterproof, top and bottom, to protect from spills and dog drools. It has cotton padding, so it breathes. A non-slip backing surely makes a dog more secure.... 4Knines is so sure of this product, that it has given it a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. I'm sold!

But I've just covered one product designed and manufactured by 4Knines. Check out many more car and truck liners, as well as seat and door covers design for you and your "Knine."



That's the buzz for today!

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