There are times when you can get really hungry -- even hungry enough to
"eat a horse." Why not think outside the box of pasta, toss in a
rainbow, and be hungry enough to eat a unicorn? With the I Could Eat A
Unicorn Spaghetti Measurer you are well on your way to that goal.

Could Eat A Unicorn Spaghetti MeasurerCould Eat A Unicorn Spaghetti Measurer

helpful kitchen tool allows you to choose how much spaghetti you want
to measure out -- from a child's portion all the way up to a
unicorn-sized portion. Technically the unicorn size is enough for four
people. The tool is made of plastic and comes in the colors of the
rainbow -- which is only appropriate when it comes to unicorns. If you
want sprinkles to go with that add your own Parmesan cheese. 

To order your own I Could Eat A Unicorn Spaghetti Measurer, click here.

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