Horse running with FastTracks

FastTrack innovative healing device for fetlock joint injuries (photo)


Like knees and hips are to humans, fetlock joints are to horses. Knee and hip joints give out most frequently in humans, and fetlock joints bear the most joint stress in horses. A new orthotic device called FastTrack™, created by Horsepower Technologies, can be adjusted to keep your horse from over-extending an injured fetlock joint while he still maintains mobility.


Horse's leg joints

Fetlocks are the lowest joints on a horse's legs; they typically endure the most stress. (image)


As you know, if you've had any muscle or joint injury, your doctor will tell you to get up and move it as much as possible. An equestrian veterinarian can determine a horse's comfortable range of motion in his fetlock joint with the FastTrack's SafeStop™ mechanism (shown below), so the FastTrack can restrict the joint to movement within those limits. Another FastTrack will be fitted to the opposite leg, as you see in the lead photo, above, so that when your horse moves, the healthy leg will not over-compensate for the hurt one. This allows the horse to exercise as he is healing and, as he heals, the device can be reset accordingly.


FastTrack orthotic device for injured fetlock joints

The Horsepower FastTrack's SafeStop™ adjustment mechanism is on the right side of the device in gold metal.


There is a new stem cell treatment for horses with injured fetlock joints as well, but the traditional, and perhaps the most frequent therapy for injured fetlock joints is still salves, wraps, and rest. Thus, full recovery can take a long time and mobility is more restrictive during the treatment process.

FastTrack and its veterinary partner, Henry Schein Animal Health, are currently introducing the FastTrack to veterinarians.

If you are a horse owner or a veterinarian, I highly recommend you visit the Horsepower Technologies website, where you can learn specific information about your horse's breed and according to the activities he engages in, how those factors can result in fetlock and surrounding soft tissue injuries. Then, you can learn how the FastTrack can be of specific use to your horse.




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