This six-year-old Kelpie / Border Collie mix spent the morning of New Year's Eve herding 900 sheep to safety  while her owner, farmer Steven Hill, battled the bush fires still ravaging parts of Upper Murray in Victoria.

Patsy Is A Champion

Many humans have been and still are risking their lives to combat the ravaging Australian bush fires, but one animal; namely, a six year-old dog named Patsy from Corryong, Victoria stands out from all the rest of the animal kingdom. News of her brave exploits has spread as fat as the bush fires themselves, and now she has her own Instagram account, where she is known as: Patsy The Corryong Wonder Dog. Patsy has many fans who leave their praises and virtual pats. (See: Bear The Koala Rescue Dog.)


Heroine Patsy
Photo: Mental Floss

The Fires Still Rage

According to estimates, between 18 ad 20 million acres have burned, and and at least 25 people and half a billion animals have lost their lives. Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth, recently donated $1 million to fire-fighting efforts. Pasty and her caretaker really appreciate all the support coming from all over the world, but the fires continue to rage and there is no end in sight. In fact, one post on Patsy's Instagram account reads: "And the recovery from the fire damage will take months, years even." Patsy's fans are urged to donate to recovery groups which include: Blaze Aid and The Australian Red Cross. (See: Cat Named Tink Saves Family From Fire.)

Patsy Makes Her Owner Proud

Patsy's owner, Stephen Hill, told the local press:

"She's earned front seat privileges for the rest of her life...Almost all of the sheep were saved...I never dreamed that these 20 seconds of Patsy in a paddock would spread across the world, and that me posting pictures of a little black and white dog would become my way to help my hometown recover from the worst fires in living memory." (See: Hospital Releases Hero Dog Who Saved Owner From Fire.)

Patsy is indeed a champion.

 Good work,girl!


Hard-Working Patsy
Photo: Good News Network

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