Sadie the Pit Bull is the hero of  the day. She saved the lives of her family when for the first time in her life she ran away from home and brought the police back with her.

Sadie Lives In Tuckahoe, New York

Sadie was determined to saves the lives of her family members last month when she escaped through the back door of her Tuckahoe, New York, home and ran through the quiet neighborhood, barking loudly and incessantly. Complaints to the  police led to a chase through the streets that ended at the backyard of her home where they immediately detected the unmistakable odor of gas emanating  from inside. (See: Hero Pit Bull Saves Family From Fire.)

First responders  quickly realized that the smell was coming from  a gas leak in the basement. They determined that if Sadie's barking had not brought them to the scene,  the leak could have easily caused a potentially lethal explosion. Her escape was remarkable because even though her owner, Serena Costello, and her four-year-old daughter were not at home when she left her bloody claw marks on the door frame, she also managed to open the sliding door by digging out a wooden door blocker, which must have taken her some time to accomplish. (See: Cat Named Tink Saves family From Fire.)


Sadie and Serena Costello
Photo: ClassicHitsandOldies


Sadie's Owner Was Touched Beyond Tears By Her Heroic Efforts

Overwhelmed with gratitude for her loving pet, Costello told WABC News: "

She is a hero. She is our hero. It's just so out of character for he to run away. She saved our lives...The police had to write me a summons, which they didn't want to, but I guess it's the law for having an unleashed dog in the area, but after one of the officers realized the cause was a gas leak, he ripped it up." See: Hospital Releases Hero Dog That Saved Owner From Fire.)

Good job,Sadie!

Here's to Pit Bulls everywhere!

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Source: Good News Network