Me Oww! A huge statue of Hello Kitty that greeted visitors to Hello Kitty Island in South Korea is badly in need of repair after a powerful typhoon broke its neck.     

Hello Kitty Statue Beheaded By Typhoon

The 7 meter (23 ft) tall statue stands (or stood) atop a pedestal in front of Hello Kitty Island, a museum and cafe complex on South Korea's Jeju Island dedicated to the ultra-popular Sanrio character.

The statue appears rather sturdy but evidently was unable to withstand the sustained 165 kph (102 mph) winds of Typhoon Soulik. Also known as Typhoon #19, the Category 3 storm struck Jeju Island on August 23rd leaving behind a trail of destruction beyond the beheading of the iconic animated character.

Hello Kitty Statue Beheaded By Typhoon

Photos posted at SBS News show the Hello Kitty statue shifted on her pedestal with her neck bent over at a 90-degree angle. One supposes it could have been worse – the head could have been torn completely off and blown down the road, causing even more collateral damage.

“Hello Kitty suffered in the terrible rainstorm,” according to Hello Kitty Island's director, Kim Jong-seok, “but we cannot call the crane now because of Typhoon 19. We will repair it if the rain stops.” Thus fans of Hello Kitty, though undoubtedly traumatized by this grisly incident, should take hope for the future knowing their heroine still has 8 more lives.