Hello Kitty pasta shapes and complementary tomato sauce are a carb-laden combo guaranteed to give dinner a dash of extra "character".

Hello Kitty Pasta

Having filled every other marketing niche imaginable, Sanrio is now aiming at your belly and, to paraphrase the Borg, resistance is futile and you WILL assimilate it. Indeed, Hello Kitty Organic Pasta and Hello Kitty Tomato Basil Italian Pasta Sauce from World Market are the foods of tomorrow, available today!

As bizarre as pasta shapes molded into miniature Hello Kitty heads and hairbows may sound, this actually isn't the first time the mouthless wonder has invaded the food space: Heinz Hello Kitty Pasta Shapes with tomato sauce have been sold (in cans) for a while now at Amazon.     

Hello Kitty Pasta Tomato Basil Sauce

But hey, that's kid stuff. Kids who grew up with Hello Kitty back in the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties are into organic, artisanal, bronze-drawn pasta dried at low temperature like, er, this stuff. It says so right on the bag so it must be true!

As for Hello Kitty Tomato Basil Italian Pasta Sauce, the label on the jar states it's made with fresh vine-ripened tomatoes “from Napoli-Italy”. That's tomatoes, not tomcats – it's an important distinction. For more information on this unique item ideal for our love-it-or-hate-it modern world, please visit Hello Kitty Cafe Irvine's Instagram.

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