This cute Hello Kitty Coin Bank is the latest variation on the classic “grabbing hand” mechanical coin bank.  

Hello Kitty Coin Bank

Mechanical coin banks have charmed children for well over a century and the Hello Kitty Coin Bank follows that grand tradition. Simply place a coin on the Kitty-head-shaped sweet spot; a cat's paw reaches out from inside the bank, accompanied by “glitter sounds” (the seller's words), and snatches the coin away!  

Hello Kitty Coin Bank

We've seen plenty of these Izakura-style mechanical banks before but the Hello Kitty Coin Bank just might be the cutest of them all. Your kids will be begging to do extra paid chores around the house just to feed this one-armed cat bandit. Check out this short promo video of the Hello Kitty Coin Bank in action:


See what we mean by “glitter sounds”? About the only thing that sounds sweeter is the metallic rattle of coins as they gradually fill the bank's coffers. The bank measures 120 mm × 115 mm × 100 mm (roughly 4.75” by 4.5” by 3.95”) and weighs approximately 500 grams or just over a pound. It runs on two AA batteries. You can order it online from OMG Japan or

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