Okay, Zoo the television show was probably not what they had in mind
when they created Zoo Lovers Day, but it is pretty awesome. It is based
on the best-selling novel by James Patterson. Now Zoo, Season One, is
available on DVD and Blu-ray for some great binge watching.

Zoo, Season OneZoo, Season One

The show is basically a horror story about all of the animals on Earth developing a collective consciousness and deciding that it time to take the planet back from man. The animals, from kitty cats to elephants, start working together to kill humans. We are no longer safe anywhere, even in our own homes. People unkind to animals and hunters are at the top of the hit list.

It is an excellent drama that pulls you in and keeps you eyeing your pets cautiously -- that is until they come for a cuddle and you remember it was only a TV show. Check out the trailer from season one below:

To order Zoo, Season One, on DVD or Blu-ray, click here. Get ready for season two showing up on CBS this summer.

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