My own pup is getting on in years and has begun having accidents in the house between his outings.  When I'm home I keep an eye out for signs that he needs to go, but he's been trying the Happy Jack Dog Diaper when I go out.  Here is our review!

As a backdrop, I'll just let you know that I have used the pants-style dog diapers before, and I'd come home to find the pants lying somewhere in the hall with the dry napkin inside, while a big puddle of pee sat in a pool at the end of the hall.  And then, of course, the pee tracked paw prints... I didn't need CSI to figure it out.

So, with that experience behind me, I decided to try the Happy Jack Dog Diaper with Adjustable Strap to Prevent Slipping.  I thought the belly wrap style might be less awkward for my dog than the pants style, but it was the adjustable strap that cinched my decision to buy the Happy Jack product. So I measured his waist just below the widest part of his tummy, and from the Dog Diaper's sizing chart saw that he'd wear a "Male" size "Medium." (Happy Jack designed a special diaper for male dogs.)



The Happy Jack is made of a lightweight fleece and it has some elastic around the center of the belly wrap to allow for give prompted by your dog's weight gain or just his movements.  The Velcro closures (2)  have about a 3-inch give, so if your dog is at the larger end of the size range, I would go a size larger to be safe.  The sizes do overlap.

I fitted the band with two thick sanitary napkins side by side in the center of the band before trying to position the Happy Jack on my dog.  Positioning the Happy Jack on my pup?  Yes, that was the hard part.  He just lay down on the floor on his side and refused to get up.  Terriers are stubborn little boys and girls, in case you hadn't heard.




It took both my husband and myself to get that diaper on my boy the first time, but after that, it was a breeze.  He doesn't mind it at all any more, which is saying a lot for a dog that actually runs away when you take out his leash!

So, if his recent behavior is an indication, I can assume that the Happy Jack is comfortable for my dog.  It's also extremely easy and quick to use, since he stopped totally resisting it.  When I come home, he's still wearing it, and sometimes the pads are wet with pee -- but my floors and carpets are not.  Occasionally, the fleece diaper wrap is also wet, but I wash it by hand with warm water and gentle detergent.  If you towel the water out of the Happy Jack and hang it up, it barely takes an hour to dry completely, but you can machine wash and dry it if you choose.

Other tips...

  • Don't tighten the Adjustable Strap around your dog's neck; do it around her upper chest
  • Leave the Adjustable Strap loose enough so that it can accommodate all of your dog's movements; it doesn't need to be tight.
  • After use of the Belly Band Wrap, gently clean your dog's tummy and "privates" with a soft, warm, soapy wash cloth, before lightly rinsing her and toweling dry.

The Happy Jack Dog Diaper with Adjustable Strap to Prevent Slipping has proved to be a great solution for my dog's incontinence problems; it's got our 5 Stars.  I would also use it for dogs that have marking "issues" when visiting other dog's homes.  Sizes range from XSmall - Large in Black, Brown, and Blue. You can buy these from Amazon.


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