Catnip Fortune Cookie

"Your future is fishy"


Yes, this is a handmade fortune cookie for a cat!

Handmade in the San Francisco Bay area of California by Trish and Aidan Iriye-Robson, this cute little fortune cookie for your kitties contains some of California's best catnip wrapped in shaded beige fleece. The fortune cookie comes in a set of four; in a take-out box, of course.


Take-out fortune cookies for cats

Catnip Fortune Cookies


From left to right, in the image above, the fortunes read:

"Your future is fishy"

"May you climb to greatness"

"You are adored"

"Your litter box will always be clean"


The Catnip Fortune Cookies make a great cat gift or four gifts for four cats! 

The Iriye-Robsons - Trish does the sewing and Adrian does the stuffing - hand-make pet toys and clothing, as well as items for pet-centered humans. Because they are handmade, each toy is somewhat different from each other - something that the couple take pride in.

Here's another charming grouping of three catnip-stuffed toys - no less than Chocolate-Covered Strawberries!


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Catnip Stuffed Cat Toy

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cat-Toy Trio


When your kitty gets bored with batting these catnip toys around, put them away for a few weeks and then refresh the catnip by gently massaging the cookie before giving it to her again.

Find some handmade squeaky Dog Donut Toys by the Iriye-Robsons too at Uncommon Goods, where you can find the Catnip Fortune Cookies and the Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cat-Toy Trio. They all make great gifts!


That's the buzz for today!

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