This cute black cat treat bag evokes traditional Halloween themes while reminding us that black cats are no more evil than any other cats.

Halloween Black Cat Bag Is The Purr-Fect Party Pouch

If you've ever felt frightened on Halloween, well, that's sorta the point. If you've ever felt felt on Halloween, then you must already have one of these cute black cat treat bags from KALDI Coffee Farm... because they're made of felt!

From the bottom the bag to the spring green carrying strap, the Halloween Black Cat Bag is made from soft and durable felt, The bag's design features a somewhat sad – or is she just tired from all the trick-or-treating – black cat's face highlighted with white, gray and orange trim.

Halloween Black Cat Bag Is The Purr-Fect Party Pouch

Designed in Japan and made in China, the Halloween Black Cat Bag is the perfect complement to most any Halloween costume. Take it out for trick-or-treating, or include it with your costume ensemble at an indoor Halloween party. It's all good... and it'll never go out of style.

For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the Japanese-language product page at KALDI Coffee Farm online.


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