While Grumpy Cat has left us to cross the rainbow bridge, her meme spirit still goes on. In response to the Sweet Kitty song from The Big Bang Theory you can go a little grumpier with this cool and funny Grumpy Kitty T-Shirt.

Grumpy Kitty T-Shirt
Grumpy Kitty T-Shirt

In this case the song goes "Annoyed kitty, touchy kitty, grouchy ball of fur. Moody kitty, grouchy kitty, grr, grr, grr." The shirt is made of 100% cotton and is completely machine washable. Like all other printed t-shirts it would be best to wash it inside out to preserve the image.

To order a Grumpy Kitty T-Shirt, size XL, click here. For size XXL, click here. For size M, click here. For size S, click here.

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