Paper dolls have pretty much been around since the discovery of paper.
They have been an inexpensive children's toy for the last couple of
hundred years. Amid all of the dolls that have been created, none have
been grumpier than these cute Grumpy Cat Paper Dolls.

Grumpy Cat Paper DollsGrumpy Cat Paper Dolls

You get paper dolls of Tardar Sauce (Grumpy) and her equally unhappy friend Pokey, plus a plethora of hats, vest, ties, and such to dress them up in. There is even a grass skirt and coconut bra! Despite this wonderful cornucopia of fun, Grumpy Cat is still underwhelmed by it all and Pokey just looks bored. They are "dressed to be unimpressed."

This is the perfect idea for birthday and Christmas gifts for little girls when you have to mail them. They are such a surprise to be found inside a boring, flat envelope!

To order a set of Grumpy Cat Paper Dolls, click here.

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