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Grizzly bears can live to a ripe old age of 25 years just eating fish. Up in the northwest U.S. mainland, Alaska, and Canada, grizzlies get to dine on wild Pacific salmon and pollock. Even further north in the Antarctic Ocean, whales and bears get to dine on krill.

Grizzly Pet Products obtains its oils from wild fish that have been caught by fisheries which prepare fish for human consumption. The Grizzly oils come from parts of the fish that are not resold by the fisheries, so all parts of the fish get used for a purpose. So you are getting oils from the best wild fish that are sustainably sourced and no part of the fish is wasted. Wild salmon, pollock, and krill are the superfoods that Grizzly Pet Products uses for their supportive pet supplements - oils that enhance the well-being of dogs and cats, supporting bone, joint, cardiovascular, skin, fur, digestion, cognition, vision, and immune systems.

But which oil does what?


1. Grizzly Salmon Oil For Dogs And Cats


Grizzly Salmon Oil For Dogs And Cats

Grizzly Salmon Oil For Dogs And Cats


Our veterinarian recommended Grizzly Salmon Oil for my dog some months ago, after my boy was treated for acute pancreatitis. I add a pump of Grizzly Salmon Oil to his prescription food twice a day, which itself is awful stuff, but the Salmon Oil makes the food palatable. More important than the taste, though, Grizzly's Salmon Oil supports brain and cardiovascular health, as well as acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Humans need fish oil for the same health support, and salmon is the food richest in DHA and EPA, two fish-sourced anti-inflammatory agents.

I should tell you that my dog, who is now 12 years old, is acting like a puppy, more lively and active than I've seen him in years. I read that the Grizzly Salmon Oil is the same product for dogs and cats, even though the bottles may be labeled 'for dogs' or 'for cats' so I introduced it to my 13 year old cat, who laps it up like milk, but is also showing the benefits in his activity level and alertness.  About 4,600 Amazon customers will tell you similar stories.

Dosages should be controlled and there are quantity recommendations on the bottles by weight of your pet. Recommended amounts are in number of bottle pumps or 1/2 pumps.  The smaller bottles, which may be advertised as  'cat food supplements,' have smaller pumps so they can be more easily measured out for cats. (But the contents are the same, regardless of bottle size, for cats and dogs.)


2. Grizzly Pollock Oil for Dogs and Cats


Grizzly Pollock Oil for Dogs and Cats

Grizzly Pollock Oil for Dogs and Cats


If you're looking primarily for a high omega 3 oil for skin and fur health, you should try the Grizzly Pollock Oil for Dogs and Cats. Customers claim the Pollock Oil is very effective at reducing itching and enhancing coats and that their pets really like the taste, and it is less expensive than the Salmon Oil.


3. Grizzly Krill Oil For Dogs And Cats


Grizzly Krill Oil for Dogs and Cats

Grizzly Krill Oil For Dogs And Cats


Krill are are found in the extremely chilly Antarctic waters, and its oil is rich in antioxidants that attack disease causing free radicals. Though some customers suggest it can improve skin conditions in their pets, it is generally used to fight disease and enhance brain and heart functions. It does have a fish odor, but not as strong as the salmon oil. Maybe for that reason, pets may like the Salmon Oil taste better.  But the Grizzly Krill Oil is very effective and less expensive than the Salmon Oil, and it has up to 8 times more Astaxanthin than other krill oils. Astaxanthin is a carotenoid that has been recently touted as an extremely powerful anti-oxidant.


Now, do you know which source of oil is best for your dogs or cat? I would say that for a general, all around, protective and preventive oil - the Grizzly Salmon Oil would be best. If you need an oil to reduce skin irritations and encourage a healthy coat, try the Grizzly Pollock Oil. And, if you would like a strong free-radical fighter, the Grizzly Krill Oil's your best choice.


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