A great white shark crashed a New Zealand woman's birthday party when it leaped from the ocean deep to snatch one partygoer's misplaced mince pie.

Great White Shark Snaps Up Landlubber's Lost Lunch

Rose Gullery of Auckland and a group of friends were cage-diving off the coast of Stewart Island, the third-largest island in New Zealand, to celebrate her upcoming birthday.

During a lunch break, one of the group who contracted with Shark Cage Dive NZ lost their grip on a meat pie, which tumbled overboard and quickly attracted the attention of some scavenging sea gulls.

Great White Shark Snaps Up Landlubber's Lost Lunch

Now as anyone who's watched the movie JAWS knows, it's advisable to keep an eye on the water after adding – albeit accidentally – food to the marine environment.

“A fellow diver said to me, imagine if a shark came up to eat the pie,” explained Gullery to Yahoo 7 news. “I started rolling my camera and what felt like two seconds later the shark came up, took the pie in its mouth and dived back down." Her short video of the exciting encounter can be viewed here.

Great White Shark Snaps Up Landlubber's Lost Lunch

Gullery also managed to snap a shot of the toothy meat pie thief as it glided past their boat. “The crew said it is rare for great whites to breach,” she added, “so seeing one come up for a pie was very cute I thought.”

Really Rose, “cute”? Good thing for her the primeval predator didn't know there were more tasty "meat pies" on board.