Add some black humor to this year's white tie formal Halloween party with this creepy animal spine necktie that, thankfully, only looks like it's made from actual animal bones.   

Got The Nerve To Wear This Animal Spine Necktie?

Animal-based fashion has fallen out of favor but don't fear the PETA: no creatures were harmed in the production of this “animal spine necktie”. It just looks that way, which is still OK... sorta... but ghoulish creepy stuff still gets a pass on Halloween. Next day at the office, not so much.

That said, we have to appreciate the artistry that went into this rather unique piece of formal wear. The faux vertebrae are arranged into three attached but articulate segments connected by a black string. The whole kit & caboodle stretched about a yard but due to the bones' lightweight resin composition, it only weighs 56 grams or roughly 2 ounces.   

Got The Nerve To Wear This Animal Spine Necktie?

Neckties are kind of a PITA and you'd think one made of spiky beast bones would compound the aggravation. Think again! There's no need to tie any knots, as the string is designed to adjust to the wearer's collar with a simple tug.

The animal spine necktie beats conventional cravats in one other way: it's completely unisex so the fairer gender can go bolo when they solo and not look too loco. Not sure what that means, exactly, but we haven't got the “spine” to rephrase it.

You, on the other hand, are anything but spineless – especially with this bony bad boy shakin' like a skeleton in heat. For more info and ordering instructions, please visit the product page at Village Vanguard.