Gorilla Who Loses His Mom Is Comforted By Ranger

When humans lose their parents, they can grieve for weeks on end. Even when the grieving subsides, the loss creates an emptiness in many of us. It's a hole that can't be filled easily, and sometimes it never is. But what about wildlife? Do they grieve similarly? Are they connected and vested as emotionally as humans? Well, in the ape species, Gorillas are very sensitive primates, as attested by this reporting.

Not Exclusive to Humans

According to a Dodo Report: "Losing a parent can be one of the most tragic experiences of a person's life. As photographer Phil Moore shows, this feeling of deep sadness is not exclusive to humans."

For one mountain gorilla whose mother was killed by poachers, his pain is excessive. In a heart-breaking display of mourning, this sensitive gorilla clings to park ranger Patrick Karabaranga for sympathy.

Critically Endangered

Added to this Gorilla's recent loss, in general his species is endangered. Mass deforestation has resulted in severe habitat loss as has been made all so clear with the recent fires in the Amazon.

Daily, approximately 80,000 areas of rainforest are destroyed by men who benefit from the industries of logging, agriculture, mining and worst of all -- the illegal trafficking in poaching.

Ranger Patrick

After losing his mother to poachers, Ranger Patrick Karabaranga from the Virunga National Park in the easter part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo was seen wrapping his arms around the gorilla's shoulders trying to comfort the animal as he grieved. In turn, the gorilla seems to respond with empathy by putting its hand on Patrick's leg.


The gorilla and the ranger are pictured in today's headline photo. This gorilla is just one of three animals that have been left orphaned due to poaching incidents recently.


Illegal poachers are traffickers who not only kill these animals, but also affect the hearts of the offspring they leave behind. Although they do not possess the level of human emotions, these animals as witnessed by this gorilla still have their right to live freely and safely.

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Primary Source: The Dodo