Good on this couple for not leaving their 'kid' at home or in the car while shopping at Walmart. Bonus points for the backpack carrier resplendent in shades of graze.

Goat To Walmart, Bring Your Kid

Aww, how nice... mom and pop helping their kid pick out a new backpack for school! Wait up, that's no “kid” and this is real life, not some live action, low-rent version of Mary Had a Little Lamb. We suggest they avoid the dairy section lest their baad baad back sheep get a whiff of the goat cheese and start baa-ing for its real mom.

The hard-working photo compilers at the People of Walmart website don't know exactly where this image was snapped but suffice to say, it's somewhere in the good ol' US of A. As for the subjects' political views, maybe we shouldn't go there... aw heck, who could resist: Make America Graze Again!