The Giraffe Stool isn't as crappy as it sounds; in fact it stands head and shoulders above the rest. Supported by a robust steel skeleton and covered in soft plush, the Giraffe Stool is the necks thing in environmentally relevant room furnishings.

The Giraffe Stool is one of Himozuke's “Animal Stool” line – not the best of names perhaps but at least they don't actually poop. Able to support up to 80kg (), the Giraffe Stool measures 900mm tall by 550mm deep by 240mm wide (roughly 35.5” by 21.5” by 9.5”). Himozuke calls it “commodity size” but you can just call it comfy.

The polyester plush fur is designed to be as realistic-looking as possible. As such, the Giraffe Stool sports a fluffy neck mane, dark-colored hooves and tail tuft, and of course the creature's unique spotted coat.