If your dogs and cats are up and down all night, digging into your covers, curling around your head, scratching themselves.... Let them dig in their own beds, while you really sleep in yours!


The Pet's Bedside Bunk Bed

The Pet's Bedside Bunk Bed

The sturdy wooden frame of the Pet's Bedside Bunk Bed is dark-stained in "Espresso" to blend with any decor. At 29.5 inches high, the bed will make sure your pet will be sleeping near you without being on you (although it might be wise to keep the Bunk Bed further than tongue length away from your face). 

The entire dimensions of the Pet's Bedside Bunk Bed are 29.5 inches high, 44.25 inches long, 20 inches wide. It weighs 44 pounds sans pet.

The top bunk holds up to 60 pounds and has a 27" L x 19.5" W cushion that perfectly fits its platform.  The cushion is soft foam and has a soft rayon cover that is machine washable.

A soft carpet provides an anti-slip cushion on the lower floor and stairs, buffering noise and softening step contact for your pet. The lower bunk gives your pet a choice of comfy spots.

You can always add another pet bed on the lower bunk, or put some adorable Silent Squeaking Dog Toys on the lower bunk to keep your dog company. Don't worry! Only your dogs will hear these sounds; they are out of human range.


Silent Squeaky Toys

Silent Squeaking Dog Toys for dogs up to 25 pounds


The The Pet's Bedside Bunk Bed and the Silent Squeaking Dog Toys are brand new to the Hammacher Schlemmer holiday catalog.  They will help you get a good night's sleep!


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