Headstones do not work that way! A not-so-clever fox who managed to get his head caught between a pair of gravestones spent a nervous night in the cemetery before being freed.    

Fox With Head Stuck Between Headstones Is Rescued Tomb Morrow

Crazy like a fox? Not this particular specimen whose cunning plan – whatever it might have been – came to a (ahem) grave conclusion. According to Rachel Butler of the RSPCA News, staff at the British animal rescue charity were contacted by a member of the public who came across the fox while visiting the graveyard of St Mary Magdalene Church in Leamington Spa, a small town in the West Midlands county of Warwickshire.

As these photos illustrate, the wayward Red Fox had somehow gotten its head wedged tightly between two headstones dating back to the late nineteenth century. It would appear there's no more than an inch or so of daylight between the immovable headstones!

Fox With Head Stuck Between Headstones Is Rescued Tomb Morrow

Local RSPCA received the call at about 11am and as foxes are nocturnally active it's likely the creature spent much of the previous night in a VERY compromising position. “I dread to think what could have happened to him if we hadn't have been contacted,” stated Inspector Georgia McCormick of the Leamington Spa RSPCA, who rushed over to St Mary Magdalene Church.  

“I managed to carefully free him and check him over,” added McCormick, “thankfully he wasn't injured and so he was released back into the wild." As for the fox's pride, well, injuries in that area aren't visible. (via UPI)