First NYC Cafe To Go To The Dogs

Catching a cup of Joe in Manhattan with your best friends can be a chore, particularly if you have to tie them to the curb. That was the challenge before father-daughter duo Coppy and Logan Holzman, who decided to overcome the hurdle. Now located in the East Village on the corner of East 12th Street and Ave A is a soon-to-be-opened quaint café name after their canines, Boris & Horton.

Following in the paws of their feline brethren . . .

Cat Cafés came first. They’ve been around since 1998, but until recently were only a popular phenomenon in China and Japan. No, not on the menu . . . actual cafes that allow felines to roam the premises while patrons dine. Now, from New York City's Meow Parlor to San Francisco's KitTea, cat-owners and cat-aficionados can cuddle with a cat over coffee from coast to coast in the U.S..

Boris and Horton hear a who?

So assessing that burgeoning popularity [and perhaps thinking that cats were “so-last-season,”] the Holzman's seized an opportunity to show just how much pet owners loved their dogs too!

“In a world where cat cafés steal the spotlight,” Condé Nast Traveler reported that New York City is getting its very first dog café, giving people with a predilection for four-legged friends of the dog variety a new spot to snap Instagram photos.”

Differing from the cat cafes, Boris & Horton’s — which will open the Winter of 2017 — won’t just focus on adoptions. But in addition, it will be a dog-friendly space, where patrons can bring their pups to socialize with like-minded patrons who either own a dog themselves or like being in the company of canines.

Sanitation, Safety & Manners . . .

The Holzman's eatery is specifically designed to ensure sanitary dining conditions.

Regarding health issues, the new café will be divided into two sections as required by the New York Department of Health: the cafe side and the dog lounge ~ separated by glass divider. On the cafe side, patrons be able to purchase your coffee, wine and sandwiches. They can then dine and socialize on the other side to enjoy heir meals or morning Joe with their dog[s] with other dog-loving customers.

“We will have strict rules of conduct to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests, so loud or rambunctious dogs will be asked to leave," Holzman said. "Its funny, because our dog Boris probably wouldn't be an ideal guest in the cafe, but we're working on his manners,” she joked.

Adoptions Available

The cafe is also going to partner with Brooklyn Badass Animal Rescue to help unite customers with dogs in need of a loving home. To accomplish that task, the cafe and the rescue teams will be hosting weekly adoption events.

“We both have a passion for animal rescue and hope to create a space where we can promote the cause through adoption events and fundraisers," Holzman said. "When I lived in New Orleans, I would sit outside my favorite coffee shop with my foster dog in his or her 'adopt me' vest and I found it was a great way to gain exposure for the dog and the rescue.”

So, readers, what are your thoughts about doggy cafes? Is there one in your town, or one being contemplated?

With dog-owners growing exponentially throughout the US [particularly those who own double-dogs like the Budraitis’ who own two Wheatens in Beaufort, SC] — it seems a natural evolution of our changing dining preferences, don’t you think?

Brogan & Hannah
Brogan & Hannah, the Wheatens

Source: Boris and Horton Cafe