First Dog Candidates For 2020

I've written a number of articles over the years pertaining to presidential dogs. Whether it be the Obama's Portuguese Water Dogs Bo and Sunny, George W. Bush's Springer spaniel Spot  or Richard Nixon's cocker spaniel Rex, the 'First Dogs' often garner just as much attention of their Presidential pet-owner.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, I covered the Democratic candidates dogs, like Hillary Clinton's Seamus and Jeb Bush's Marvin. In my post, "2017 Will Be A First For A Pet-less White House," I touched on the fact that Trump's White House might be the only one in recent history that went dog-less?

Today I'll review the dogs of a few of the Democratic candidates who I'm rooting for in the 2020 election. While most of these candidates are running on similar platforms, several differ from Trump by the mere fact the own a four-legged secret weapon —  namely, a dog.

Pete Buttigieg, Buddy & Truman

"Mayor Pete" — as he is called in South Bend, Indiana — along with his husband Chasten Buttigieg are the proud owner of two dogs. Truman, who is dubbed the “First Dog of South Bend” and Buddy are both shelter dogs. In a Twitter post, Buttigieg noted that his "new dog Buddy is a big source of joy in our household. Like his “brother” @firstdogtruman he represents the many loving dogs in shelters who need homes."

First Dog Candidates for 2020


Elizabeth Warren & Bailey

Recently, when Elizabeth Warren hit the campaign trail she noted that the "two guys" in her life were her husband Bruce and her golden retriever Bailey.

“We named him after George Bailey, the community banker in It’s a Wonderful Life — a guy who was decent, determined & saw the best in people,” Warren wrote. “I always thought the role of GB was written for a Golden Retriever, but Jimmy Stewart did a nice job with it," noted Warren.

First Dog Candidates For 2020

Joe Biden, Major & Champ

Joe and Jill Biden adopted Major, a German Shepherd, from the Delaware Humane Association last November. In an interesting backstory, Major was a member of a litter that was exposed to toxic chemicals before they were brought to the shelter. However, due to the care offered him, he was in fine health when Biden adopted him, according to the Delaware Online reports. Biden wanted a new puppy to be a companion to his elderly dog, Champ, another German Shepherd.

First Dog Candidates For 2020

Beto O'Rourke, Artemis & Rosy

Beto O'Rourke, the former Texas Congressman and avowed dog-lover joined the race on the morning of March 14, promising to “build a movement that includes all of us.” So we suspect his dog was included in that vow. His name is Artemis. He's a black dog who was seen often during O'Rourke's 2018 battle against incumbent Senator Ted Cruz.

O'Rourke also has a second black dog named Rosie, who was found by the family on the side of the road. It's been said that the candidate spends as much time cuddling with his pups as did with his babies. Here's a pic of Henry O'Rourke with Artemis and Rosy.

First Dog Candidates For 2020


So there you go readers. Which mutt[s] do you think are the most presidential? Who do you think has the best chance of becoming the 'First Dog?' Comment below and we'll reveal the results in one of my future posts, closer to election time.

Primary Source: Quartz