Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of geomancy that has become
increasingly popular in Western cultures. The practice is reputed to
bring about increased love, fame, fortune, and health. Your home, garden,
or office space is divided into separate sections that address the
various aspects of life. Into each of these sections are placed objects
and items to help enhance the good chi (life force). Many animal symbols are important in the art of feng shui.

Dragon (Photo by Chris 73/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Dragon (Photo by Chris 73/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

Different animals work for different areas of your bagua. As you might expect the symbol of a dragon is highly favored to bring wealth. Horses, especially winged horses, are favored to bring good health. Goldfish are believed to bring wealth. Bats bring happiness. Cranes bring wisdom and long-life. Tigers signify strength and virility.

More unusual animals used in feng shui include the three-legged toad or frog. This hapless creature is considered capable of bringing wealth and should be set in the wealth section of your bagua for best results.

Fu dogs always come in pairs and are said to protect homes from negative influences. The pair should be placed at the entrance or facing the entrance for the strongest effect.

A stack of turtles representing several generations is a symbol for longevity.

Meneki Neko is a waving china cat. It is most common to set one of these cats outside of a business to bring luck and wealth to the business.

Maneki Neko (Photo by Winertai/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Maneki Neko (Photo by Winertai/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

In truth, just about any animal, placed in the right position in your bagua, can become a feng shui animal. So choose your favorite, place it carefully, and good luck!

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