It's always mealtime somewhere on Earth as cats around the world abandon their hot tin roofs for the contents of these cool cat food cans.  

Amazing International Cat Food Cans - Finland


1) Grab Some!

Amazing International Cat Food Cans - Iceland

Purina “Pussi” cat food is sold in Scandinavian countries from Iceland east to Finland.  We're not sure what non-English-speaking Nordics think of the “As Good as it Looks” slogan, ditto for the entire line that Purina calls – wait for it – Pussi Sensations. No connection with burning sensations, at least in regards to your cat. (cat food can images via Ona Waffle at top and Rusty Blazenhoff above)            


2) Proudly Pink

Amazing International Cat Food Cans - Japan

What do cats in the Land of Sushi love to eat? Tuna, of course, and that's just what this rusty can of “Yellow” brand cat food once contained – 100% maguro, to be exact. No word if the Yellow brand is ideally formulated for Pink cats, or that's just a Japanese thing... probably the latter. (cat food can image via Cory Doctorow                         


3) Alternative Energy

Amazing International Cat Food Cans - Cyprus

These cans of “Kitekat” cat food from Cyprus are “simply delicious and full of energy”, so do take care when opening them. Purchasers are advised – OK, advised by US – to install a jumbo cat exercise wheel at home so you can harness & harvest all that energy once your cat consumes the contents of each can. (cat food can image via Monico Perez)                             


4) The Shiny-ing

Amazing International Cat Food Cans - Italy

It's common knowledge that feeding your cat higher-quality food will be reflected in a healthier, glossier coat. That's just not good enough for some pet-owners, however. If you want your li'l purrin' machine to glow like a freshly-minted coin (or Terminator), then a steady diet of “Shiny” cat food should do the trick. This curiously-named cat food can be found on Italian store shelves, possibly alongside the Pledge and Brasso in the home cleaning supplies aisle. (cat food can image via Danny Ayers          


5) Food of the Goddess

Amazing International Cat Food Cans - Germany

Athena cat food is made in Germany and you know the Germans make good stuff – disgraced ShawWow pitchman Vince Offer couldn't have put it any better. This can of Super Premium Quality cat food features the image of a very, VERY relaxed feline whose quality of life is likely of the Super Premium variety. Even better, the brand's quality is endorsed by a “Prof Dr Marquard” which must mean something as he's a professor AND a doctor. (cat food can image via EU GODS)                         


6) Bocadito Bandito

Amazing International Cat Food Cans - Spain

Here's a 400gm can of Eroski brand “MIAOU bocaditos” - roughly translated from Spanish as “kitty snacks”. Yikes, almost a pound of cat snacks in one can. Maybe the dinner portion is packaged in a 55-gallon oil drums. Indeed, that's one hungry cat... and no one expects the Spanish Indigestion. (cat food can image via Krista)                            


7) Kool for KiteKats

Amazing International Cat Food Cans - Australia

Sorry for the image quality here but in all fairness, the source is “crappy cameraphone pictures” at Flickr. But we digress... and is the cat on that can rockin' a soul patch?? How cool – or should we say, kool – is that? (cat food can image via Daniel Holz                            


8) Gemütlichkitten

Amazing International Cat Food Cans - Germany

Limited edition cat food? In my pantry? It's more likely than you think... if you're in Germany, that is. Those Deutsche Katzen sure do have it good – if it's not Super Premium vittles it's Real Nature cat food marked & marketed “nur für kurze zeit”, aka “for a limited time only”. Even the cans are works of art, featuring medieval-woodcut-style depictions of sheep, cows and shrimp. (cat food can image via Like_the_Grand_Canyon)                       


9) Nitty Gritty Kitty

Amazing International Cat Food Cans - UAE

Ships of the desert may rule the sand dunes but in the UAE, cats get down to the nitty gritty. One would hope their canned food is more nitty than gritty, though it's kinda hard to tell just by the looks of this can of cat food from Abu Dhabi. We “can” walk a mile for a camel, not so much for this can. (cat food can image via Evan Bench)                         


10) Upon Fur-ther Reflection

Amazing International Cat Food Cans -

At first glance we thought someone had framed the label from this can of cat food because... well, we really can't think of ANY reason why someone might do that. Look more closely and it appears the can's opposite side is being reflected in an ornately framed mirror. While it makes for an interesting photo, there's something else going on here: this can of cat food was made by Irish Dog Foods Ltd. Better not tell your fearful li'l kitty... or actually, tell it to chow down and they'll grow up to be a great big dog! (cat food can image via anne omahony)