An overly curious leopard's sharp claws and powerful paws were no match for a frog determined to toad da line, warts and all.

Fearless Frog Stands Its Ground Against Pushy Leopard

You'd think it was a mismatch made in wildlife conflict heaven: ferocious leopard vs toothless bullfrog! Don't place your bets just yet, though, 'cause it ain't ever over 'til the fat amphibian croaks... and this ribbeting er, riveting confrontation ends up surprising viewers (and leopards) alike.

Kudos to Susanta Nanda (@susantananda3) of the Indian Forest Service (IFS) for posting this short (18 seconds) but sweet video at his vastly entertaining Twitter feed. Nanda doesn't state where the video was recorded, presumably via smartphone, but leopards are native to Africa and Asia while the rather large frog doesn't look like anything found around a North American pond. Good thing - do we really need frogs capable of facing down leopards? We're just getting used to the idea of Murder Hornets, after all. 

Fearless Frog Stands Its Ground Against Pushy Leopard

So, what's the deal with this apparently unequal clash of the titans? We can estimate the leopard is a youngster based on its overall proportions, for one thing. Like most juveniles of many mammalian species, it enjoys playing and exploring its world – at times, combining both pursuits. No doubt the frog piqued its curiosity, though likely not its appetite since leopards mainly prey on mammals.

As well, amphibians – though not necessarily this one – can exude toxins from their skin. Cane toads, poison dart frogs, and their ilk do not a healthy meal make, and avoidance of such critters is hard-wired into a leopard's DNA. That said, we'll cut this youngster some slack for walking away with its tail held high, though we can't assume the same about his fellow feline homies.