The MiaCara Volto designer scratching post mounts securely to any wall so your purring prince or princess won't claw your pricey furniture.

MiaCara Volto designer scratching post

Cat scratching posts are a dime a dozen, you say? We say that hard earned buck-twenty ain't nuttin' compared to the cost of replacing cat-shredded walls and furniture. We also say, maybe you should make your pet an offer they can't refuse... or at least, claw back?

Ladies, gents and (especially) one-percenters, we give you the MiaCara Volto designer scratching post! All YOU need to do is give Tuft + Paw a cool $299 first. That's right folks, just shy of three Benjamins for a cat scratching post. Now don't scoff – those three hundred big boys buy a lotta scratching post and we don't just mean an expansive 28 inches (by 4 inches wide) of length.   

MiaCara Volto designer scratching post

The minimalist masterpiece mounts flush to any wall in just 15 minutes, which may seem like a long time but hey, for three yards you want the job done right. The post's durable felt scratching surface comes in your choice of grey or beige, framed in powder-coated aluminum.

So yeah, a minimalist cat scratching post for a maximalist price... seems legit. Tuft + Paw probably can't even keep these things in stock and... wow, they really ARE sold out! Don't blow those three hundred big boys on coffee or “an art”, though, the posts can be back ordered for delivery in September of 2019. More details and (back)ordering info at the Tuft + Paw product page.