two-legged dog Duncan Lou Who survives car crash with bison
Duncan Lou Who & his dad   (image via YouTube screen shot)


There are a lot of survival stories out there, but this one centers around the miraculous survival of a well-known boxer that has made his way thus far in life on only two legs. The boxer in question is Duncan Lou Who of television and Instagram fame, and on top of his physical impediment he recently survived a horrific automobile crash that left his owners sure of his death. Duncan, however, had his own ideas on the subject and wasn’t having any part of an early demise.

Duncan Lou Who

Duncan’s tale actually begins several years ago when he was born with his two rear legs fused together. As the story goes, his owners were given the choice between amputating the limbs or flat out euthanasia. His pet parents opted for amputation. Like a lot of dogs, Duncan actually adjusted quite well and went on to lead a relatively normal life. When news of his ability to overcome his condition surfaced, he and his family found themselves courted by television shows like Today and the Queen Latifah Show.

Yellowstone National Park

While Duncan’s original notoriety died down sometime ago, he and his family found themselves back in the spotlight once again when their vehicle recently struck a bison in Yellowstone Park, flipping and rolling several times. Traveling in the truck were four humans and two other dogs, all of which amazingly survived relatively unharmed, even after being ejected from the vehicle. After it was all said and done everyone was accounted for except Duncan. His family and rescue personnel combed the area in search of him well into the night, but there was no sign of the plucky boxer.

Search & Rescue

Refusing to give up hope, the following day the family was back at it with the help of a number of volunteers who had seen a Facebook post in connection to the accident and missing dog. The search went on for hours without any clues as to Duncan’s fate. It was about this time his optimistic family, refusing to give up hope, came to the conclusion Duncan must have been thrown clear and run off in fright. It turned out they were right. A few hours later they received a call from a man who had spotted the two-legged dog three miles from the location of their search.

Happy Ending

Arriving at the quarry the caller had specified, they commenced looking for Duncan once again. Lo and behold, some 90 minutes later Duncan was spotted and coaxed forward with a cookie. It had been 17 hours since the events had been put into motion, but the nimble dog that initially gained attention for his ability to navigate just fine on two legs was back with his family. While Duncan incurred some bumps, bruises and is still a little shaken, his prognosis is excellent and he’s expected to be back to normal in no time. Don’t you just love a story with a happy ending?

Source: East Idaho News