Insurance companies are getting more calls about insuring exotic pets
rather than regular animals. With this interest constantly increasing, the push
for safety awareness and research is on the rise. Here are a few facts
on the subject.

Siberian TigerSiberian TigerAll over the world people are upgrading from the regular house cat to a pet tiger. While this is creating a larger market for pet insurance companies, it does not change their mind on advising against owning these kinds of pets. One simply cannot just go online to pick out the right insurance package for their exotic pet. Every exotic animal must have a policy tailored to their specific attributes. It all comes down to how dangerous the pet is and the security you have to contain it. It is advised to have professionals managing the animal at all times. Imagine getting a bill for a car you totaled, take that times 100 and that's much you'd be paying if your pet tiger got loose. The policies also cover illnesses, visits to the vet, and accidents. 

 There are not a lot of companies that provide exotic pet insurance, especially in America. Be knowledgeable going into finding the right animal and policy. Also, be prepared pay because with so few companies providing the insurance and such high demand for it, there aren't a lot of options. If you need any more information on the companies, you can find it here

If you are considering getting any exotic pet I advise you to do your research. There are lots of books out there that can get your started. And remember, these are wild animals and they are unpredictable. Safety is always number one in these cases. If you do decide to get any exotic pet make sure it is always confined unless it is under the control of professionals. Even though it would seem very cool to strut your tiger down the street on a leash, it probably isn't the smartest idea. 

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