The Slim Neko Mask is a wearable silicone beauty mask that claims to revitalize your skin – while no doubt freaking out your cat.   

Facehuggers Get Fashionable With The Slim Neko Mask

Most facial skin therapy masks take the form of flimsy, featureless paper sheets with cutouts for eyes, nose and mouth... BO-RING!

Now Japan's Beauty World is taking the basic, blasé, purely functional facial mask to higher levels of style without sacrificing the applique's prime purpose: making your aspect look awesome! Mind you, if looking good is the final objective then looking kinda weird along the way is a must... “no pain, no gain” as the old saying goes.

Facehuggers Get Fashionable With The Slim Neko Mask

In the case of the Slim Neko Mask, well, a picture's worth a thousand words, amiright? Suffice to say, we'd advise against answering the door for the pizza guy, postman, Amazon delivery person or Uber Eats with this thing plastered on your puss.

Then again, it might just be the ideal thing to wear when determined door-to-door salespeople, brazenly bold bible-thumpers and/or pushy political canvassers come a-knockin'... your freaky feline countenance will send 'em all a'runnin' quicker than you can say “RAWR!”    

Facehuggers Get Fashionable With The Slim Neko Mask

But we digress... the REAL reason one wears the Slim Neko Mask isn't to frighten off pestering budinski's – that's merely an added bonus. According to the sales copy, the mask is infused with “germanium, tourmaline, and collagen specially formulated to revitalize your complexion, improve skin elasticity, hydration and suppleness, and help keep your skin moisturized and youthful-looking.” Sounds like a plan!

If it works (we offer no guarantees), then don't be surprised if all those door-knockers will want to stay instead of go... that goes double for four-legged and furry door-knockers. For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the English-language product page at OMG Japan.