You can track your steps as well as your dog's, plus a whole lot more, with the Pet Pedometer Leash. I'd say it makes walking your dog even more essential to your fitness routine.


Pet Pedometer Leash

Pet Pedometer Leash


Actually, the name "Pet Pedometer Leash" is an understatement. In fact, what this gadget does is connect with your smart phone so that you can set up a walking or running program for you and your dog by distance and it will buzz when you've reached your goal. Nice not to have to keep looking at your tracker to keep track.


Pet Pedometer Leash



Want to take a different route, you can take a different route every day and even map it so you can take it again and/or share it with friends.

Wait... there are more features to the Pet Pedometer Leash:

The handle vibrates when you get a phone call or a message.

There's a built-in flashlight for nighttime walks.

And a light ring around the handle to alert drivers to your presence.


Pet Pedometer Leash


And the 44-inch leash is retractable and tangle free.

The Pet Pedometer Leash is an easy, ingenious tool to use that will make your fitness walks stress-free ... and it let's you focus on exploring your world and having fun with your dog.


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Lady Bee


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