Queen Elizabeth and her Corgis

Queen Elizabeth II and her Corgis (via YouTube video)


We don't have royalty in the U.S., but many of us are fascinated by it - especially by British royalty. Many an Anglophile has at least a casual interest in the goings-on at "The Palace," especially since the late Lady Diana became an international icon in the 1990's.


Queen Elizabeth II and her Corgis

Queen Elizabeth II arriving with her Corgis. (via YouTube video)


The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, is known more for matters of state than for her flair, but we Anglophiles believe that's the way it should be for a queen. Despite the books and movies written about the Queen, she seems to prefer privacy... except about one aspect of her life: her love for Pembroke Welsh Corgis. It is said that her dogs accompany her everywhere she goes.


Princess Elizabeth with Dukie and Jane

Dookie and Jane with Princess Elizabeth, photo from the AKC Library and Archives (via)


Since her 18th birthday, when she was given her first Corgi, Susan, the Queen has owned 30 Corgis and she bred them all!


Pembroke Welsh Corgis from Rozavel Kennels in England

Pembroke Welsh Corgis from Rozavel Kennels in England, the largest kennel of the breed in the world circa the mid-1930s. It was run by Thelma Gray, who began supplying the Royal Family with the first of their famously beloved corgis in 1933. Photo: AKC Library & Archives


The Queen's last Corgi passed away in 2015, but since then she's had two “Dorgis” (Dachshund-Corgis), the stud descended from the Queen's original Corgi lineage.


But "What does the Queen feed her dogs?" who sleep in their own room on wicker beds with sheets that are changed daily!

In a program for Channel 5 "Inside Waitrose" British journalist Daisy McAndrew  analyzed some of the products sold at Waitrose, a high-end London grocery store. In listing the premier ingredients in a posh dog food pouch, McAndrew described it as the chosen food for upper class dogs, perhaps like the Queen's dogs, for example.

And then McAndrew tells us that actually her Majesty's dogs are fed... Tesco basic dog food! (emphasis on 'basic.') A can of the Tesco "value dog food" costs 45 pence, about 55 cents US.

Tesco dog food

The Queen adores her dogs. But she watches her pence.


sources: The Sun,  AKC.org


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