NiteyLeash in pinkish red


In the summer months, it's often too hot outside to walk your pets during the day. In the winter, with most states adopting daylight savings time, it's dark by 5 p.m., when most people are getting off work or just arriving home after a long day at the office, yet still facing having to walk the dog.

The problem being that it can be dangerous walking at night without reflectors or strobe lights. Now, with the introduction of the NiteyLeash, worry no more.


So, what's a NiteyLeash? It's a glowing leash along the lines of those LED collars sold for dogs and cats that throw a far-reaching, almost neon light providing visibility from great distances. The collars were designed to make it easier to see your pets in the dark.

The leashes were designed to make it easier for motorists to see you and your dog in the dark, reducing the risk of accidents involving pedestrians, pets and motor vehicles.


NiteyLeash in blue

Fiber Optics

Illuminated from end to end with fiber optics, the five-foot-long leashes are waterproof with a loop handle and come with a 90-day money-back risk-free trial offer and a one-year warranty. Similar to the safety lights for bicycles, you can choose between two settings: a solid glowing light and a blinking pattern.

The leashes are made for dogs of all sizes, and customers who have purchased them are saying they're "literally" lifesavers after dark with visibility of up to 1/4 mile.

Dog Leads

Available in three colors (blue, pinkish red and yellowish green), the leashes are said not to tangle, so there's no worrying about untying knots after you've bunched it up and stuffed it in a closet or drawer. They are, however, battery operated, but they come with the first set of three AAA batteries, and it's said you can use the NiteyLeash every night for 20 minutes and get at least two months out of them before they need replacing.


NiteyLeash in yellowish green

Retractable Leashes

If you're sold on retractable leashes, the NiteyLeash website encourages prospective customers to contact them at It's unclear whether they'll custom order one for you or they're just gauging customer interest at this point for a retractable version.

Having said that, retractable leashes are dangerous enough during daylight hours and discouraged at dog parks and doggy daycare facilities. Using one at night is probably not a good idea, in poor lighting conditions.

Leash/Collar Combinations

Paired with an LED collar, this glowing combination is probably your safest bet for walking your pets at night. If you've still got someone on your Christmas list that you're stumped as to what to get them, if they're a dog person who frequently exercises their pets, you may have just found the perfect present.